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Hatton Studios

Hatton Studios from the eponymous and world renowned jewellery quarter in London – Hatton Garden. Famous for it’s quality of work and world famous designers where the techniques that we teach in our studio today were learnt and fostered over years of dedication, qualification and creative journey.

Offering a 4 week course – comprising of one evening per week (or afternoon dependent on demand) – students will learn the art of silversmithery, goldsmithery and fine jewellery design.

Taught by the creative director of Melville Fine Jewellery, the course offers a fun and social environment in which to learn the basics of professional jewellery making.

By the end of the course each student will have their own finished piece of jewellery that they will have completed themselves using skills from soldering and piercing to polishing and basic gemstone setting.

WEBSITE: http://www.hattonstudios.com/