Hong Kong Treasure Hunt

BSD Code and Design Academy

Code does not work without high quality design, high quality design does not perform without high quality code. The two are a marriage.

You already interact with code and design every day. More and more people have developed an interest in being able to use and get the most out of the internet themselves either as an enthusiast or as a professional.

It is not enough, in the near future, simply to be a spectator. You will need to have the ability to know what is possible with code and design, what people that use code and design can do and how to communicate with them, or even write the code and do the design yourself.

The world of code and design is not standalone and hide. It is show, tell and collaborate.

With this in mind, we bring BSD as the first true code and graphic academy in Hong Kong. From basic programs for beginner enthusiasts, intensive professional development and collaborative hackathons and incubation will aim to create not only the best development environment in Asia for code and graphic design but also a world leading community of collaboration and expertise.

WEBSITE: http://www.bsdacademy.com