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Ana bags & shoes: by Ana Kwok

Ana Kwok, Creative Director of Ana-Bella International early inspiration began approximately 16 years ago. It was the beginning of a unique design concept, using the finest quality genuine eco-exotic skins and producing to a global marketplace.

Traditionally exotic skins such as Crocodile, Alligator, Python such as handbags, shoes, belts and accessories are for the wealthy. Ana recognized a strong middle class appreciation of her designs and over the years developed both original and contemporary designs that are now affordable without compromising quality integrity. Ana constantly sources the finest eco exotic skins from all over the world, such as Australia, Italy, China and Thailand.

Her hands on approach from design to production ensure individuality and quality on each line.Ana-Bella eco or farmed crocodile skins are amongst the most sought-after exotic skins in the world, because they are rare, expensive and difficult to get, moreover the natural beauty of the leather veins, and the great pliability and durability make it perfect for manufacturing products such as bags, shoes and belts.

Ana supports accredited crocodile farms releasing 10% of crocodile population back into the wild, as the birth rate is much higher in croc farm than in the wild. This way, the species environment has been balanced allowing Ana-Bella to continue offering the finest useable exotic bags, shoes and accessories on the planet. Not only look great all her products are practical and long lasting.

Ana-Bella flagship store is located in Central, Hong Kong, offering a unique mix of Europe and the Orient. Many of her products are produced in Milano Italy, utilizing Master Italian artisans using ancient tanning recipes and modern technology, whilst supporting talented workmanship in China .

Additionally Ana has a boutique Hong Kong based factory employing local craftsman where she develops various design concepts and special order products.

Website: http://www.ana-bella.com/